Our Story

Charmaigne has been looking after patients and clients for more than 20 years. With a diploma in Remedial massage, she is highly experienced, qualified and passionate about seeing clients live life without needless pain getting in the way. 

Charmaigne has a friendly nature and will make you feel safe and welcome as soon as you arrive.

Remedial massage treatments will leave you re-balanced, relaxed or revitalised depending on what’s best for you. Above all, you will be in the best, utmost professional care, and as a result, you will feel safe knowing that you are being looked after.

Charmaigne is all about working holistically to find the treatment that works for you so taking a full history is important, throughout the treatment Charmaigne will make sure you are comfortable with how things are going, you can always change your mind with the pressure of the massage or type of treatment at any stage during the massage.